I am a documentary photographer based in Paris and Dorset. In January 2006 – after many years of crossing the globe as a journalist -  I started the blog Paris Parfait. The challenge of posting daily led to a renewed passion for photography, using skills honed at daily newspapers and journalism school. I studied the latest digital photography techniques at the London School of Photography and in various international workshops.

Whenever possible I supplement news and feature stories for magazines with striking images, whether filed from a remote outpost or from my home office.  Often a photograph captures a moment or a news event in a manner words fail to achieve.

In addition to documentary and street photography, I have a passion for portraits.  I believe a photographer has a responsibility to accurately portray people and events, for historical record. Recently I traveled to small desert villages in Jordan to photograph Bedouin women with tattooed faces. As tattooing is a practice now frowned upon in Muslim society, the long-held tradition will vanish with these women.

My work has appeared in numerous publications including FRAME magazine, Amsterdam; The Guardian, The English Home and Heart Home, London; Romantic Homes and Somerset Studio in the United States, Proyecto Bamboo in Buenos Aires and on the cover of It’s for Your Benefit in Alberta, Canada. My photographs appear in the book The Naked Eye by Charles Saatchi; The Secret Language of Color by Joanne and Arielle Eckstut; France in Ruins by Simon O’Corra and the Blue Guides book 2008 Art/Eat/Shop Paris.  My work also is featured in UNICEF’s Photo Pledge for Children’s Rights Campaign; the International Women’s Exhibit 2014; the Safe World for Women Free the Hikers campaign and the Love Paris campaign. My work has appeared in Air France’s Mini Guide to Paris; Create Mixed Media; Apartment Therapy New York; Remodelista; Houzz; Chez les filles, Paris; Quill and Parchment and in many online sites. In addition, my work was featured in the Women, Power and Politics exibition of the International Museum for Women in San Francisco. My work has been exhibited widely, most recently with the artist James Budden at Sherborne Abbey in Dorset.

I am a member of the National Press Photographers Association, the London Photographic Association and numerous photography groups and associations. In addition to my love for photography and travel, I am active in human rights work. I also enjoy the quest for antiques and collectibles, brushed by the patina of time.

Contact me via email or phone for photography assignments. I am happy to travel for adventure and a good story!

“We share a last name. And photography. Tara’s pieces are quite good, with attention to detail. Her reporter’s curiosity drives her to push the boundaries in her travels with her camera, whether around town or around the world.”

David Bradford (no relation)
Photographer and author of Drive-by Shootings
New York

“Tara’s stunning body of work is a testament to her humanity and photographer’s skills. Her heartfelt images are as compelling as they are beautiful.”

Fifi O’Neill
Photo stylist and author of Romantic Prairie Homes

“Congratulations for your work, Tara. I can see you like people, the most important subject we have in
photography. Keep photographing always.”

Rui Palha
Photographer and author of Street Photography/Fotografia de Rua
Lisbon, Portugal

“Tara Bradford’s photography and writing encompasses a bevy of emotions.  From crisp, clear, rich, emotional and beautifully-chic photos that inspire, to sharing experiences through the lens of a truly intelligent and well-traveled woman. Journeys are taken, through Tara’s visual and written art, that fulfill each of the senses…”

Vanessa Valencia
Artist, Tucson

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